About the Artist

Bianca van der Meulen is a Bronx-based painter, brand strategist, and mother of none.

An art teacher in Austria inspired Bianca to pursue art at the ripe old age of 8. Picasso and M.C. Escher were her biggest influences. And cats were her favorite subject matter.

One of third-grade Bianca's Picasso-inspired masterpieces.

One of third-grade Bianca's Picasso-inspired masterpieces.

Bianca delved even deeper into painting over time. Inspired by expressionists like Motherwell, Kandinsky, and De Kooning, she began creating large abstract works. It became a habit she couldn't kick.

In 2014, Bianca had a solo exhibition at the Producer's Club in Midtown NYC. She was also interviewed on City World Radio Network by the founder of the International Women's Arts Salon.

Artist Statement

I have always used expressionist painting as a kind of meditation. The process offers the rare opportunity to “get lost,” to explore, to put aside a world of constant measurement and striving, to create without any agenda but to create. I love the feeling of discovering what a painting is "about" while I'm making it. Free from convention, abstract images have the potential to speak in ways that explicit symbols like words and explicit representations like photos often can't.

I try to enter a certain open frame of mind when I’m in front of a blank surface; the instant I begin to plan too much or paint too nicely, staleness sets in. Each of my pieces begins with a simple wash and develops through successive layers of new shapes, lines, and colors, each building off the others in a semi-conscious state. What emerges is something like a dreamscape, full of elements that are both intensely familiar and bizarre. I love hearing what memories and emotions each of my paintings evokes in a viewer. When they respond emotionally, we've made a specific type of connection that couldn't have been made any other way.


What medium do you work in?

My paintings are (virtually) all made with acrylic paint. Thicker than watercolor and more malleable than oil, it's the perfect medium for free experimentation and long-lasting results.

What geographies do you serve?

I paint from the Bronx in NYC and Reston, Virginia. I can personally deliver most paintings to your doorstep. If you're outside the NYC or DC area, I will ship the work to you and invoice you for shipping costs after it arrives. (Unframed canvases - as opposed to stretched - are the cheapest and easiest to ship.) Contact me if you'd like to know how much it would cost to ship to you!

Do you do non-abstract works, like portraits or still life?

While abstract expressionism is my first love, I do enjoy experimenting with different forms. While I'm not the person to turn to for photorealism, contact me if you're excited by the idea of an abstract painter's take on a real-life image!